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As a Three Principles Practitioner, I am a life coach and wellness consultant focused primarily on helping clients discover their strengths and overcome what they consider to be barriers to their long-term goals using the Three Principles. I specialize in the Three Principles, a strengths-based approach utilizing innate resilience, skills, and potential. I have experience in mental health, domestic violence, adults and adolescents, relationships, marketing, business and project development, and extensive experience in the substance abuse and recovery field. 

The rates below are on a sliding fee schedule and are open to flexible accommodation. 


  • Consultation - $25 per half hour

  • Individual session - $80 per hour

  • Group session - $30 per hour per person

  • Marketing, outreach and promotion - negotiable

  • Project development and implementation - negotiable

  • Travel - free within 15 mile radius, .25 cent per mile past 15 mi


Experienced Substance Abuse Counselor with a demonstrated history of working in the social services industry. Skilled in Treatment Planning, Individual and Group Counseling, Case Management, Problem Solving, Discovering and Utilizing Client Strengths and Innovation. Strong professional finishing a Master of Social Work (MSW) from University of New Hampshire and a LADC license from the State of NH.

Expert in applying the Three Principles concept of Universal Mind, Thought, Consciousness, and Innate Health to not only substance use disorder but also to improving relationships and productivity and wellness in a professional corporate setting. Whether you are looking for help in navigating a difficult time with your spouse or you are an executive looking to improve team cohesion, productivity, and wellness, the Three Principles can fundamentally shift what you think is possible.



Substance Abuse Counselor
Farnum Center, Webster Place
Oct 2016 to Aug 2018

Recovery Care Specialist
Serenity Place
Oct 2015 to Oct 2016

MSW Clinical Intern
YWCA, Domestic Violence
Mar 2017 to Dec 2017

MSW Clinical Intern
Wild Irish Farm, EFP Youth
Aug 2018 to present



A.A. Human Services Management
University of Phoenix
Winter 2014 to Spring 2015

B.A. Psychology concentrated in Addictions
Southern NH University
Summer 2015 to Spring 2016

Master of Social Work
University of New Hampshire
Fall 2016 to present


About Me

My name is Mackenzie. I entered treatment for substance use disorder on 6/24/13. From there I went to sober living, was reunited with my son from DCYF and family court, finished probation, and figured out how to live clean one day at a time. At some point during my stint in rehab, I decided that I wanted to do more than attend meetings to help people. I found my way through my first two degrees while fighting my way into the substance use disorder field and gained professional experience which is significantly different from anything I learned while in active addiction or in school. I’ve worked in the field for just over three years now and recently celebrated five years of recovery this year.

During active addiction and entering rehab I thought I was completely worthless and I acted accordingly. I would never have believed I could have this life. The time I spent at Farnum Center learning and teaching the Three Principles gave me a sense of self- worth and innate resilience that provides me with the courage it takes to continue building upon the foundation I laid in treatment in 2013. I took a leap of faith and started this consulting business to continue teaching the three principles because I saw that its application went far beyond the treatment of substance use disorder and addiction. I have seen first hand marriages that were deemed hopeless and beyond repair turn into healthy stable loving partnerships. I have seen how the application of the Three Principles in a corporate setting can vastly increase productivity, team unity, and wellness. I have watched clients in acute crisis gain insight into their potential for resilience and find strength to take the next steps forward to overcome their situation. I have seen symptoms of mental health dissipate as clients begin to understand the relationship between their feelings and their thoughts. It is this experience that has compelled me to share it with others.


Applications of Three Principles





Substance Abuse



Team Unity

Problem Solving 




Rumyana Radzhova
Substance Abuse Counselor, Farnum Center, Webster Place

Amber Nash
Program Coordinator, Farnum Center, Webster Place

Amy Pettengill
Director, YWCA

Eric Labarge
Owner/Director, Starting Point

Richard Boucher
Three Principles Practitioner



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